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Conductive ABS 1.7mm Filament 3D Filaments

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product overview



Conductive ABS was made by ABS material, blends of carbon fiber, carbon black and permanent conductive masterbatch.

It can be used for antistatic, static dissipative, conduction of electric current and screen of electromagnetic interference shielding.

The conductive antistatic ABS has advantages with excellent mechanical strength, impact resistance, dimensional stability, high flow creep resistance and excellent heat and low temperature resistance.

Our conductive ABS 3.0mm filament are the first market conductive ABS. Besides conductive ABS's character, they also have following advantages: 

(1) High precision dimention with 1.7+/-0.10mm range which make material supply easily and with high print quality;

(2) Good roundness with 1.7+/-0.07mm range which make material supply easily and with high print quality;

(3) Competitive price;

(4) Order flexibility and short lead time;

(5) Vivid color;

(6) Good logistic control and service support 

The product specification are listed below:

    POLYMER PROPERTIES                                         Description

    Material                                                                      Conductive ABS

    Color                                                                          Black

    Filament diameter                                                     1.7+/-0.10mm

    Roundness                                                                1.7+/-0.10mm

    Resistance                                                                 104 Ohms/cm

    Print temperature                                                       200 - 230 oC

    Spool capacity                                                           1kg(Can be customization)


User Comment

Anonymous user: 给出 评分 ( 2012-06-30 03:12:46 )
10000 Ohms per CM??? Does that resistance change based on temperature like a thermistor, or is that stable? Would be nice if it could be a few orders of magnitude lower...
In fact it is determined by material. Usually it is variable for different temperature. But the resistance is stil high.
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